From time to time there will be product issues and warranty claims.

Our goal is to streamline these types of issues so we can get back to business.

Please see below for our warranty categories:

Damaged in Transit

There will be times where products will be damaged in transit.

If you receive a product where the item or the packaging of the item is clearly damaged, please take a photo or a video of the product in the box on the day you receive it and contact us.

We will share this with our delivery partners to see what went wrong and how we can improve the service and delivery.

Faulty Products Warranty

If a product arrives that is faulty, has missing parts or has defects or damage during the manufacturing process, please take a photo or video demonstrating the problem and contact us.

Water Filters Wholesale will warrant all manufacturer faults, defects and damage.

This Faults and Warranties policy does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage arising from improper assembly or modification
  • Damage arising from abnormal use or abuse
  • Damage, wear and tear as a result of improper or lack of maintenance and/or care
  • Damage to external or product packaging only
  • Damage occurring during your own handling and transportation of goods from a pick up location
  • Insignificant minor variations in dimensions, colour, grain or finish
  • Insignificant minor imperfections or superficial blemishes