Water Filters Wholesale aims to help preserve the value of the Water Filter products in the market and maintain the profit margins of all Resellers.

All Resellers are required to comply with the Reseller Sales Agreement to maintain their status as a Reseller.



Water Filters Wholesale may, from time to time, establish, change or revoke applicable price lists and reseller discounts on Products without prior notice to the Reseller.

This may be due to currency fluctuation, increased Courier Cost and/or unforeseen economic circumstances.


TERRITORY: Australia

Water Filters Wholesale grants Distributors the non-exclusive right to sell Products solely in Australia.

Resellers shall not sell through Amazon and eBay and will not sub distribute to other businesses.



All Orders shall place online through waterfilterswholesale.com.au



Shipping cost shall be paid by the Reseller to Water Filters Wholesale. Water Filters Wholesale is not liable for any delays in shipments, however, caused. 

After shipment, any claim against Water Filters Wholesale for shortages and damages In the Products shall be made within five days of receipt of the Products by Reseller. 

All such claims shall be submitted to WaterFilters Wholesale in writing to admin@waterfilterswholesale.com.au and shall set forth in full the details, basis, and amount of such claim.



Resellers are required to pay the full amount before the order is to be released.



Reseller shall not return any products for replacement, repair or credit without prior notice. Returns must be communicated to admin@waterfilterswholesale.com.au. 

The reseller is responsible for all transportation charges related to returns. 

All returns must be in an undamaged, resalable condition and will incur a restocking and handling fee of $10 per product or 5% for products over $200. 

Please Note, we can not accept damaged, or unsellable products and the restocking fee is applied per product to examine and restore individual products.



From time to time and without notice, Water Filters Wholesale may make changes to Products available to resellers.

Water Filters Wholesale may add or withdraw any Product from sale at any time.



Breaking This agreement may result in your account being suspended and systematic violations may result in your account being terminated.