3/4" Pump Limetron Hard Water Conditioner Descaler / Water Softener Alternative

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3/4" Pump Limetron Hard Water Conditioner Descaler / Water Softener Alternative

Why is Limetron® simply the best

We offer a 10 year performance guarantee.

Manufactured by Fluid Dynamics in UK originators of catalytic conditioning technology 40 years experience.

Fluid Dynamics Catalytic scale prevention technology tested and recommended under the US Government GPG programme. The only non chemical scale prevention system they recommend. To see full GSA report click here

No wires , no metals leaching into your water supply, no magnets. Inline in contact with the calcium that needs treating.

Water treated is safe to drink... no separate drinking water tap required.

Fluid Dynamics Catalytic technology used by Waitrose, Marks and Spencers, Cambridge University, GAP, Burberry Coca Cola Unilever and Nestle.

Guaranteed Green Technology for Hardwater Treatment

Limetron® is based on the catalytic treatment method developed by Fluid Dynamics and widely used across the world as an alternative to water softening and chemical treatment.

Limetron® can be used to treat a whole house or can be used to treat specific equipment such as water heaters, supplied in a stainless steel housing with BSP threads Limetron® can easily be installed into all common plumbing systems.

Manufactured in the UK Limetron® comes backed with a 10 year warranty and is WRAS approved.

Enable compliance with UK building regulations

Building regulations state that all new or refurbished hot water systems must take provisions to prevent future limescale build up. Water conditioners are becoming the no.1 choice to meet these regulations but with many unreliable, inefficient and costly options Limetron® offers homeowners, contractors and designers peace of mind with a truly reliable and cost effective solution backed by over 40 years experience.

Impact of Limescale

Limescale is caused by the precipitation of calcium carbonate from hard water. Not only is limescale unsightly but it also wastes energy and can lead to equipment breakdown.

Across the world the presence of limescale inside heating equipment contributes to a huge amount of wasted energy contributing to increased co2 emissions.

About Fluid Dynamics


For over 40 years Fluid Dynamics has lead the way in developing environmentally friendly water treatment systems for a wide range of applications.

Our experience lies predominantly in scale prevention where we have developed a range of unique water conditioners for almost all environments from the home to large manufacturing plants and water treatment processes.

How Limetron® Works

Limescale forms in hard water areas most notably when water is heated. Scale is a result of super-saturation… As water heats up the capacity to hold calcium in solution reduces and the water can become super saturated with calcium ions. This results is the calcium falling out of solution as calcium carbonate and adhering to the nearest surface usually where the heat is generated. If you take a water heater for example this scale will form on the heating element or heat exchanger leading to a reduction in heat transfer efficiency, energy wastage and eventually leading to equipment failure.

Limetron® utilises the catalytic method of water treatment, it has no wires, requires no power source or salt and does not add or remove anything from the water.

Inside Limetron® is the unique patented Fluid Dynamics catalytic alloy. It is made from a combination of semi-precious metals that react with water.

When water flows through Limetron® the natural conductivity of the water causes the metals to react with one another generating an electrical field on the surface of the alloy.

This electrical field causes the calcium and bicarbonate ions to precipitate from the water forming an insoluble microscopic calcium carbonate crystal called aragonite.

The smooth surface of this aragonite crystal cannot adhere to surfaces in the same way as limescale and is washed through the system and exits down the drain. If aragonite deposits for example through evaporation on surfaces such as shower screens the deposits are much easier to remove and do not require chemicals or aggressive cleaning actions.

In most cases water treated by Limetron® will absorb existing limescale deposits. This is caused by the increase in solubility as a result of the precipitation of calcium ions during treatment. The descaling impact varies depending on water quality and the volume of existing limescale deposits within the pipework.

Why Choose Limetron®?

There are many different types of limescale prevention systems available today: chemical treatment, water softeners and water conditioners. We developed our Limetron® based on our successful industrial catalytic water conditioning method as it offers reliability, high performance, is cost effective for the consumer and has the smallest environmental impact. Fluid Dynamics catalytic system is used by homeowners, corporations and utility companies around the world with over 300,000 systems installed in over 50 countries.

Here are some reasons why we think the Limetron® is the no.1 limescale preventer available:

  • Easy to install, no earthing or bonding required, no control box or power source required.
  • The only water conditioner approved by the US government under the GSA scheme
  • Comes supplied with a 10 year guarantee, has no running costs and usually provides a return on investment within 18 months.


WRAS Approved

10 year warranty

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